Getting started

Get started with Ramses

Ramses is a lean tool for embedded use, but it is actually fairly easy to get a practical impression of what it can do. Just have a look at the sample project with an X5 car model and try the editor Ramses Composer yourself. The result on the target device is exactly the same.

If you are looking for detailed technical information and code, you will find them at the bottom of this page.

Download and install

Ramses Composer

Ramses Composer is the editor of the Ramses Toolchain. To try it, download the ZIP file for Windows or Linux and unpack it into a new folder.

(On Windows, do not place it under „Program files“ as you need admin rights there).

The Ramses Composer ZIP includes the Ramses engine, logic engine and all required dependencies.

BMW X5 car model in 3D

The best way to get familiar with Ramses is to have a closer look at the showcase car.

The X5 car model is available under an open license CC-BY-4.0. Just download and unzip into any folder.

Sample App

There is also a sample app that shows the car model working in a simple Android app. With the button below you can download an APK file and run it to install the app. You will find links to the source code at the bottom of this page.

In order to install an APK you need to activate the option „Install unknown applications“ in the security settings of your device. You might get warnings that it is an unsigned app, that is OK in this case.

Quick Start with Ramses Composer

1) Locate RamsesComposer.exe in the „bin“ folder of your installation and start it. Windows might complain about an unknown certifcate, that is OK, confirm to start anyway. The Ramses Composer user interface will open and show a scene with a red cube.

2) Select „Open…“ from the „File“ menu and locate the file „G05_main.rca“ in your 3D car folder. After a few seconds you should see the car in the center preview.

3) Read the „“ file in the 3D car folder for detailed informations on the features of the 3D car and instructions on how to use them

Want to see more ?

We believe the best documentation is a good example. Find a host of information like the overview documents, examples for Ramses use cases and examples for the various Ramses Composer features. Here’s some interesting starting points:

  • There are plenty of in-detail tutorials demonstrating different features of Ramses Composer and guiding you through its use. Also feel free to explore the editor source code.
  • If you want to dive deeper, have a look at the source code of the native libraries powering the Ramses graphics, Ramses engine and Ramses logic.
  • The Android sample app shows how to use Ramses integrated in Android. The source of the Ramses Android AAR  integration library is also available.

If this is still not enough, you will find all the technical documentation about the ramses ecosystem in the button below: